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And we’re off…

Greetings, GLUE fans and friends, and Happy Holiday season. After months of planning and preparation, the GLUE team is ready to launch its regional effort in early 2008. Watch out New York City, San Francisco, and Washington, DC. Great Lakes cities are on the move! Here’s our updated city list:

Buffalo, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Des Moines, Detroit, Duluth, Erie, Flint, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Lansing, Louisville, Milwaukee, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Pittsburgh, Rochester, St. Louis, Toledo

If you hail from one of these places, live there now, or are thinking about moving, get in touch with us! Where will we be in January 2008? Buffalo, Chicago, Cincinnati, Detroit, Erie, Pittsburgh, and Rochester. Live there? Love there? Let us know. (dates TBD)

Thanks to everyone who has already shared your contacts, ideas, and perspectives on this admittedly gargantuan mission. The GLUE network will tell new stories about Great Lakes cities and bring the people who love them together. That community has already started to emerge, and it’s growing faster than you can say “twenty percent of the world’s fresh water.”

GLUE on the Web:
Facebook: Our GLUE group is 128 strong and growing. Please join the GLUE (Great Lakes Urban Exchange) group, and invite your friends.
• Flickr: Are you a member of Flickr? Do you have photos of your Great Lakes city that you would like to share? Please join the GLUE flickr group!

GLUE heroes of the month:

CCS! After several fantastic GLUEspace.org proposals, we are pleased to announce a partnership with Detroit’s College for Creative Studies. CCS students will work with GLUE architects Sarah and Abby to produce a compelling and useful website next semester. We are particularly thrilled that, by working with young people who live in downtown Detroit, the web development process will embody the spirit of the project.

New Organizational Partners:

Detroit Renaissance
Sustainable Pittsburgh
Leadership Pittsburgh
John R. Oishei Foundation
University at Buffalo Regional Institute

GLUE Fireside Chats:
Tired of hearing about GLUE on the internet? Do you want to hear real, live human voices? Sarah and Abby will host twice weekly “fireside chats” via conference call to answer questions and fire up new supporters. Starting in January, we’ll host calls Monday evenings @ 7PM and Wednesday mornings @ 11 AM.

Email glueteam@gluespace.org to RSVP and for call-in details.

GLUE Holiday Wish List:

• Stories. Tell us about any of the following in anticipation of our January travels: “giving circles,” or community-based, small grant making groups; land banks; or immigrant communities in your city. The tip of the tip of the iceberg. We know.

• Equipment and skills. Do you know anyone with video cameras they’re just dying to get rid of? Or might donate? Or lend? We need them, and we also need to talk to any GLUE city dwellers with video experience who might help us tell a good, short story about their community.

• Partnerships. Is there an organization you are a member of that would “get this” and be publicly supportive? Please send them our way.


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We were inspired by the work of the Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program, Great Lakes Economic Initiative, and Restoring Prosperity Initiative.

The Great Lakes Economic Initiative, headed by GLUE champion, guru, and friend John Austin, was conceived in acknowledgement that the upper Midwest, popularized as the “Rustbelt,” has been and remains a significant center of economic activity, trade, and knowledge generation, but is making a spotty and imperfect transition from the industrial era which it dominated to success in the new knowledge economy.  The initiative has catalyzed and continues to inform a discussion about the most effective state, multi-state, and national policies for fostering economic growth in the region, among the region’s business, political and opinion leadership.

Read their report The Vital Center to understand what makes this region, well, a region, and to witness some big-picture analysis and thought about policies that will move us forward.

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Updated cities list

If your city is not on our list and you want to be, let us know.

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